What it’s like to start counselling

So today I finally managed to find someone who would work with me. I'm still on the NHS wait list for CMHT but having been there for months with no contact so I decided I needed to find help elsewhere. My assessment was last week. Now I've done many assessments over the last 18mths and … Continue reading What it’s like to start counselling


loving this reminder we need action alongside our dreams!

What is your dream in life? How much time per day—or even per week—do you spend working to make that dream a reality? And how much time you do spend dreaming about making it a reality? If you’ve read some of my recent blog posts, you might know that I am mildly obsessed with the […] … Continue reading loving this reminder we need action alongside our dreams!

Bucket list for the soul

A bucket list for the soul - what would fill this imaginary vessel? When depressed it is so hard to think about the future, to consider what might come to pass. Considering the soul makes it somewhat easier. My soul is part of me and yet an inner, more elusive part of me, less changed … Continue reading Bucket list for the soul

Holidays and mental health

    I don't know about you but I often feel guilty taking a holiday from work. It's also the issue of where to fit it in between projects and events. Plus it's just easier not to. This year though in a crazy moment in Feb I booked a 2 week holiday abroad. It was … Continue reading Holidays and mental health

Depression and work

I find myself having to once again justify why I am fit to work. I am keeping up with my workload, get positive feedback and get on with the other staff. So why do I have to keep jumping through these hoops? If I had a physical health condition I don't think this would happen, … Continue reading Depression and work

Happiness – the cycle of unhappiness and food

    So technically on Friday I should have been writing posts about how I was continuing my healthy eating in my quest to try and get happy. The only trouble was I  lived on rubbish. Rubbish that I don't even normally buy - like crisps and biscuits. I just felt bad. I felt bad … Continue reading Happiness – the cycle of unhappiness and food

Continuing the healthy eating theme.. good food= good mood

Today I have again been thinking more about how what I eat affects my mood. I remember last year someone telling me to eat bananas and nuts to help cheer myself up, and I did for a time but have long since given up. Turns out the bananas were for potassium and nuts for tryptophan. … Continue reading Continuing the healthy eating theme.. good food= good mood

Water and vitamins

These are such small things that we take for granted and hardly give much thought to. Well I know I certainly haven't, especially in the last year or so. Yet research has shown us that they are both vital for our mental health. There are strong links between what we eat and how we feel, … Continue reading Water and vitamins

Day 2 seeking happiness… not going so well tonight!

So it's only day 2 and I can feel this is going to take more commitment than I had anticipated. Tiredness is still over taking me by about 8pm each night so basically I  have enough time after work to eat dinner and then my brain is starting to go into shutdown mode. So tired … Continue reading Day 2 seeking happiness… not going so well tonight!

No time like the present…

So there's no time like now to get started. Figured I better get going before I lost my inspiration. So this weekend I bought myself sunflowers, sat in the sun, read one of my new books, and had an invigorating shower complete with lemon shower gel. I figured self care is one of the areas … Continue reading No time like the present…